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Coffee Breaks And DIY Projects

Talk to any good tradesman, and you’ll soon find out that they really love their coffee breaks. Jobs like these tend to involve quite an amount of physical effort, so while some might think it’s a trait of a manual worker to be a bit lazy, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Human […]

Using Leg Stands With Mitre Saws

Ultimate handyman have just put out a great video on adapting your mitre saw to be able to be used with any leg stand: It’s a common problem with a lot of products, not just mitre saws, that only after buying a product you realise that you need to buy the accessories and consumables for […]

Taking The Plunge With DIY

It can be daunting when you start to undertake your first few DIY projects, especially when they’re the kind of projects that involve tools that you can do some real damage with. Damage to the fixtures and fittings in your home is one thing, but damage to yourself or others is something else entirely. Before […]

Specialist Home Enhancement Suggestions You Can Put To Good Use!

You do not buy your home to have inferior or sub-standard work done to it. That is the biggest reason that it is essential to know precisely what you are doing before beginning a home improvement task. The following post includes helpful info you can use when you wish to make improvements to your home. […]