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Coffee Breaks And DIY Projects

Talk to any good tradesman, and you’ll soon find out that they really love their coffee breaks. Jobs like these tend to involve quite an amount of physical effort, so while some might think it’s a trait of a manual worker to be a bit lazy, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Human beings can’t work eight hours straight at full throttle without something giving way, so that’s why you see road workers, building site employees and so on, leaning on their shovel from time to time, appearing to fear it might fall over otherwise.

Today, we’re going to fuse the coffee break with a useful DIY project – possibly even one for the man zone that is the garage. A place full of tools can only benefit from a drinks machine, and there are certainly plenty of affordable ones out there that would look perfect in your workshop. You just need to look at some forums to see that people love their coffee, and Overclockers is probably one of the best examples of the type of people that should really know what they’re talking about – with a couple of great examples here and here.

So, how does that fit in with a DIY project, other than in the break between parts of a DIY project? Well, I’m glad you asked!

One of the key skills in and DIY’ers journey of learning is to build something from scratch, so why not a cabinet to house the coffee machine? Out in the garage while you’re sawing, drilling, grinding and more, there’s a lot of dust, so you don’t want that covering the unit, or worse still clogging up the nozzles and ending up floating in your coffee! So, today’s challenge is to build that cabinet – which is something you should be able to do in a couple of hours. No cheating, either, you need to start from scratch, showing off those discoveries from those mitre saw reviews you read, and having the confidence to make something that’s entirely your own.

The key, as usual, is to get the basics perfected first, then to move on to how it looks. A solid structure is always the best foundation for any furniture – beauty should be a secondary consideration, no matter what the wife says! If you build something sturdy, it will last the test of time, it’s as simple as that!